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Magyar Named Spectator Media Editor-In-Chief for 2015-2016

Magyar Named Spectator Media Editor-In-Chief for 2015-2016


The new (2015-2016) Editor-in-Chief for Lakewood's Spectator Media is Chelsea Magyar. Magyar, a 2016 senior at Lakewood, spends her time involved in her church, dancing,...  Read More »


School’s Winding Down – Summer’s Building Up!

After months of cold weather and counting down, summer is finally upon the students of Lakewood High School, and in between finals during the last week,...  Read More »

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Get Your Service On! Five Places to Volunteer this Summer

While every teen would love to get a high-paying job over the summer, for some, this is not a viable reality. But there are plenty of organizations in...  Read More »

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The Secret to Multitasking is that there is No Secret

Effective multitasking doesn’t exist. Contrary to a long-lived misconception shared by many of the powerhouses and professionals in the modern world,...  Read More »

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‘Day of Silence’ Participants Speak Up for LGBTQ+ Community

Lakewood students participated in 'The Day of Silence', a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)...  Read More »

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LOOK AROUND! The Beauty of Colorado Blossoms Await

LOOK AROUND! The Beauty of Colorado Blossoms Await

Maeve Murphy, Staff Writer

The state isn’t known as Colorful Colorado without good reason: all 104,093 square miles of it are bursting with vibrant plants, animals and scenery that are often under-appreciated. Adolescent...  Read More »

May 28, 2015

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Make Your Summer a PAGE-TURNER!

Lounging in the shade on a lawn chair, luxuriously sipping cold lemonade and scanning through a book...  Read More »

paper towns 2

‘Paper Towns’, Finding Something Deeper Within

These days you can shout the name 'John Green' and young girls everywhere will come flocking. One might...  Read More »

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Best Summer EVER! Five Quick Ideas

Best Summer EVER! Five Quick Ideas

Maeve Murphy, Staff Writer

Once the initial excitement of sleeping in and having no responsibilities dies down, summer can become just one sweaty and boring day after another. Here are five things to...  Read More »

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Rain, Rain! Go AWAY!

Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather, and this year it has...  Read More »

Julia Sobczak plays on after the Thursday night performance.

Band, Choir and Orchestra Go Out with a Pop!

Lakewood’s bands, choirs and orchestras came together for a final concert series called 'Pops' to finish out the year strong. The name comes from the...  Read More »


You Can ZAP Academic Stress

Whether for a history project, the ACT or the upcoming AP and IB tests, chances are as the end of the school year rolls around, students may be experiencing...  Read More »


ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB: Mama-Nature Approves

Earth Day may be over for the year, but for some students at Lakewood it lasts all year long. The Environmental Club meets every Wednesday at 3:15. In...  Read More »

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